Lake Crossing- free return trip
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The Cruce Andino is contracted by stretches, so you can choose to buy just departure or both departure and return. Non-resident passangers in Argentina pay 50% for the return trip. There is a special promotion for Argentine and Chilean passengers can count on a return trip FREE OF CHARGE, as long as it is within 10 days after the date of departure.

The route of our transfer is made by a number of specific hotels. If you are in a hotel that is not listed, you can search for the nearest point of hotels or instead meet at our downtown business office.


Possible points of departure are:

  • Moreno & Rolando
  • Hotel Tres Reyes
  • National Parks – San Martin 24
  • Hotel Edelweiss
  • Hotel Panamericano
  • Hotel Inacayal
  • Hotel Alma del Lago
  • Hotel Design
  • Hotel Villa Huinid Bustillo
  • Hotel La Cascada
  • Hotel Nido el Condor
  • Hotel El Casco
  • Hotel LLao LLao
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