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A unique crossing that navigates the Andes mountain range through 3 beautiful lakes connected by 4 terrestrial stretches, that goes from San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina to Puerto Varas in Chile and vice versa. A trip that takes place every day of the year revealing mountain landscapes with a beauty that crosses the most colorful sector of Patagonia, requiring a day to get from one country to another with the option of doing it in two days or more with accommodation in the middle of the journey (in Peulla and/or Puerto Blest).



Duration of the trip

180 km in 11 hrs. (subject to change depending on the number of passengers and climate conditions)

Departure: 08:00 hrs. from Puerto Varas
Arrival: 19:30 hrs. to Bariloche
Departure: 08:30 hrs. from Bariloche
Return to final destination: 19:30 hrs. to Puerto Varas

Free! Our itinerary considers pick-up from the main hotels, in the case that your hotel is not found on the list you should present yourself at our offices located in Del Salvador 72 - Puerto Varas, or Calle Mitre #150 - Bariloche.


Optional stay at Peulla (CHILE) or in Puerto Blest (ARGENTINA).
Obligatory stay 2 nights in Bariloche (ARGENTINA).

Languages used in tour Spanish, Portuguese, & English.
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